• Line Array Concert Sound
  • Corporate Production Ballroom Presentation
  • Public Address/Paging Accommodations
  • Large, Medium and Small Meeting Rooms
  • Portable Capabilities
  • Broadcast Operations
  • Web and Live Casting
  • Backline Equipment



If you are performing for a live audience and you're looking for audio-visual or AV services, there's something you should know. Many show directors and presentation planners make the mistake of presuming that video is what matters most. It isn't. Audio is everything when you have a live audience.


Alba Audiovisual's history of providing our clients with exacting audio services allows us to match the most appropriate gear to your particular event’s requirements. From small groups to large audiences of 80,000+, we have what it takes to ensure your event has the finest audio engineers with years of experience, the best selection of equipment and the deep seeded understanding to produce our clients' events to their exacting standards and vision.  Because... audio is everything!


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