IMAG - Image Magnification



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What's IMAG???

IMAG is a technique that uses one or more cameras, computers, projectors and screens, or flat panels and LED walls to enlarge an image of a speaker at a live show in order to give the audience a better view.  IMAG helps us make sure there isn’t a bad seat in the house and everyone has a clear view of the action.  From one 60" flat panel to full concert support, Alba is ready to support your efforts by making the audience a dynamic part of your event!

How can Alba help inspire your audience?

  • Assorted Sizes available.
  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • Great for conference messaging.
  • Bright Signals
  • Great for Indoor or Outdoor Events
  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • Can be designed in the exact measurements your set requires.
  • Cost Savings Option
  • Can be used in any indoor venue.
  • Assorted screen sizes and dimensions available.

Flat Panels

LED Walls


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