Lighting can make or break your event experience. If the lights are too bright your event will be stark and cold. If your lights are too dark guests will miss important elements of your event and design. Well placed lights can create ambiance at your event. Great lighting will allow you to get more impact from key components such as floral arrangements and other decor. You can also use lighting to grab your guests' attention or direct their focus to events going on within your event.

How may we illuminate your event?

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Uplight and Texture Lighting

Uplighting and texture lighting are innovative ways of painting with light. Designs, patterns and textures can be projected onto any surface you aim the light at. Texture lighting can transform a boring hotel reception space into an elegant room. It can convert  a gym into a funky club type atmosphere.


Texture lighting is perfect for spaces that have large blank walls or air walls that detract from the overall feel for the room.


Alba Audiovisual's lighting technicians will create a dramatic atmosphere for your event.  Our state of the art equipment will add a sophisticated warmth to your event by enhancing  and coordinating the colors.

Concert Lighting

Great band lighting draws you in close, building an intimate connection between you and the lead singer, and then blows you away with creative looks and crazy movement to match the band’s energy on stage.


Alba AV will work with your production manager, lighting designer or directly with you to ensure a customized concert package that enhances your show and keeps the audience wanting more!

Broadcast Lighting

High-quality studio or field lighting plays a major role in creating unforgettable scenes in TV, web and motion picture productions. Professional illumination provides much more than just the right level of brightness. It creates exciting moods and supports the compositions and concepts of the broadcast customer.


To complement the on camera personalities or speakers, the lighting must perform at a high level. The most important factors are first-class color rendering, different stable color temperatures, maximum color fidelity and, of course, a company which will work with you to ensure your broadcast is always of the highest standard!  This is what Alba does.

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